Byron Moreno will not be investigated by FIFA

Byron Moreno, a former soccer referee who became infamous in the 2002 World Cup for “stealing an Italian win” with some very controversial decisions that went against Italy in the match against South Korea was once again in the news. This time being arrested for drug trafficking. He was discovered carrying bags of heroin on his person after entering the USA.
FIFA has indicated that it will not investigate the referee who retired from the game seven years ago.
A walk back in memory lane. An atmosphere of angst and outrage enveloped Italy after the match. Irate fans issued death threats to Moreno and everyone and anyone connected to Italian football and politics weighed in on the match. A feeling summed up by a prominent sports commentator: “Frankly, that was complete robbery.”
But all this pales in comparison to what happened to Ahn Jung Hwan who scored the winning goal for South Korea.
Luciano Gaucci, president of Perugia FC, the Italian club that Ahn Jung Hwan played for decided to sack him for his unacceptable goal. Quote. “That gentleman will never set foot in Perugia again” Gaucci said. “I have no intention of paying a salary to someone who has ruined Italian soccer.” Close quote.
It comes as no surprise that the Italians are feeling a measure of vindication following Moreno’s arrest.
“Six kilos of drugs? I believe Moreno had this already in 2002, but not in his underwear, in his body,” Buffon is quoted as saying on Eco Dello Sport.
Christian Panucci:
“He was put in place to eliminate Italy. He is a bandit, he is not a serious person. Someone found to be in possession of drugs means he was not professional.”
The 2002 World Cup was not the only place Moreno left his mark. All I can say is that his impairment in judgment seems to have gone beyond the field.

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