Rooney should have played

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Rooney is not even doing that nowadays
” No Woman, no Kai ” and a blow up doll.
If that was the best the Toffees had in store for Wayne Rooney, then he got off lightly. Although I have to say the Bob Marley revisionism is a stroke of genius.
Too bad he wasn’t there because Sir Alex fearing the abuse they would heap on him did not include him on the field.
“We are not going to subject him to the abuse he gets here”
Goodison Park has always been a rough homecoming for Rooney.
Evertonians have nursed a sense of betrayal ever since Rooney left for Man Utd four years ago. Rooney’s free fall in form, his outburst against England fans, and now his sexual peccadilloes have provided grist to the mill and an edge to that grievance.
Having said that it is ironic to see a footballer whose descriptor does not include the word “sensitive” being the subject of “nurture”. Rooney’s mouth and physical actions have landed him in trouble with referees, players, and fans alike. There was always a 50-50 chance that he would be sent off at Goodison but there was also a chance that he could have made a difference.
As a professional and one of the most highly paid footballers in the world, Rooney needs less mollycoddling and more growing up to do. This was one such moment.
Sir Alex’s protective action just furthers the notion of Rooney being “mentally fragile” and it could prove counterproductive too- the slagging off will continue in venues beyond Goodison with redoubled intensity now that his star player has been shown to be expendable. Throw him to the lions. Not just the three.

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