Why Khaled Askri gave up goalkeeping

Khalid Askri is a Moroccan football goalkeeper who plays for FAR Rabat.This is why he gave up goalkeeping.
First he made a brilliant diving stop to a firmly taken penalty.The he walked off the field patting himself on the chest -egging the crowd on to applaud his brilliance.Unfortunately for him the ball – which was still in play – spun back into the net behind his back.

And then this happened ….( He ran off the field after this – to probably hang up his goalkeeping gloves forever and take up some other less stressful profession)

One comment on “Why Khaled Askri gave up goalkeeping
  1. Haha, I can’t believe this keeper. I remember seeing the first video a while ago, and then recently seen the second one. It wasn’t until just now that I realised it’s the same keeper. Anyways, you still wouldn’t give up football after two stupid mistakes, the best players recover from their mistakes. I’d be more embarrassed for quitting football for a reason like this, than actually making the mistakes themselves. Him, in the second video, running off is total embarrassment. I do feel for the lad though, I want to know what his actually goal keeping talents are like, and does he make any keeper errors which are not high profile?

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