C Ron tries for an Oscar Nomination again…

Sublime diving skill.
This latest attempt came in the game against AC Milan.Ignazio Abate made contact with him around his shoulder and neck.
Ronaldo collapsed clutching his face and then did the rolling around in agony thing and then the it hurts too much to stand thing.
If the chaps giving out Oscars have any sense they will give it to him.

3 comments on “C Ron tries for an Oscar Nomination again…
  1. From “out of left field,” a couple of things that were refreshing watching this last World Series that were unlike World Cup:
    – No controversy. Arguably, baseball is a lot slower yet there are never arguments about calls, maybe a grimace after a questionable ball or strike called but certainly none of the hystrionics in futbol. Several “blown” calls by umpires but still, barely a reaction from players, the game simply keeps going.
    – Adequate coverage to insure the right calls are made. Unlike futbol there are several refs – an umpire at every base. In World Cup you can’t even have another ref at the goal? Crazy.
    – Drama. In baseball, it’s not part of the game to fake injury or other. Why can’t they rid the game of diving already? Give C Ron a red card or force him to leave the game if he is that “hurt.” Diving is silly, yet a common aspect of the game.

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