4 comments on “Eric Cantona: Leading the Revolution?
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    ☮ Red Alert: The Crash.
    I just discovered that the long awaited Market Crash is programmed by a fascist splinter group for the January 7/8, 2011. The sole purpose of “The Cantona Call” was to ensure that journalists would talk about the “soft lead” (see video below) that created a butterfly effect from Rennes. Guess what? Guess what they talked about it. Pass it on.
    “In one of the greatest investment markets in the world, namely, New York, the influence of speculation (in the above sense) is enormous. Even outside the field of finance, Americans are apt to be unduly interested in discovering what average opinion believes average opinion to be; and this national weakness finds its nemesis in the stock market.”
    There is Still Something we can do to Protect Ourselves:
    ☮ La Nouvelle Économie.
    Cantona UN Jour, Cantona Toujours.

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