Clouds over Qatar World Cup…

If global warming keeps going the way it’s going you are going to need more than sunscreen to protect yourself from the blazing sun at the 2022 world cup in Qatar.
Grim predictions that players would evaporate and that referees dressed in black would melt away to nothing have led to some brainstorming on how to beat the heat.
Plan A was to shift the entire World Cup to the winter months when it would be a bit cooler.
Because it was a sensible suggestion Blatter naturally rejected it outright
Plan B was very large umbrellas over everything.( C Ron rejected that suggestion.He said he would look very silly running around the field carrying a great big umbrella)
Plan C is a bit more ambitious.Scientists working around the clock are going to create artificial clouds which will hover over the stadium and give the players the necessary shade to do what they have to do without fear of sunstroke.
Here’s the plan…

One comment on “Clouds over Qatar World Cup…
  1. i think the whole talk about qatar temperature is bit exaggerated. it won’t be any worse than 1994 WC at USA when players had to adapt to playing at noon at a very sunny day.
    i am from saudi, and we got very similar climate, and all kids and guys play extremely normal. I got to mention including European Expats as I used to play with one of the British/European Expat team (lol so i was the foreign player for them)
    usually we play 4:30 PM without any problems. When we get around mid-July to mid-Sep, yes, actually, you gotta play at night, and for those whose their fitness can afford it.
    Any other parts of the year, if you excuse by weather heat, I tell you, you will look anything but a real man.

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