Relegation battlefield….

The battle for the lowest spot is heating up…
West Ham beat Stoke 3 – 0 to go from 28 to 31 points.Stoke is still ahead of them at 34 points.

Fulham went to up to 35 points by beating Blackburn 3 -2 and can breathe a bit easy.Blackburn remain at 32 points.

West Brom are now up to 32 points because they beat Birmingham 3 -1. Birmingham remain at 30 points.

szólj hozzá: We1-3Bir
Aston Villa will rue the penalty miss.They lost that chance to equalise against Bolton and more importantly lost the point,A draw would have taken them to 34 points…and just that bit ahead of the pack of the others on the relegation battlefield.

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