Arsenal vs Bolton: All the painful highlights

szólj hozzá: Bolton vs Arsenal 2-1 Highligh
Highlights with doomsday soundtrack. Painfully familiar patterns repeated themselves. For the umpteenth time, Arsenal were unable to defend against set pieces. Which needless to say is getting to be more predictable than a Charlie Sheen meltdown.
Wojciech Sczesny growing pains are all too evident but he showed more bottle than the whole Arsenal team combined. Some great saves by the recently turned 20 year old including a penalty by Kevin Davies. The goal which gave Bolton the lead was actually scored by Gary Cahilll but Daniel Sturridge gets the credit.
The real hero was Tamir Cohen whose added time goal was a homage to his recently departed father. It was a fitting tribute for which he was woefully booked but one wishes it had not come at the expense of Arsenal. On the other hand, one can rationalize it as we’re the best in the business of making other clubs look good.

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