Raul learns the Schalke chant

Raul the Real Madrid legend is on his way to becoming a Schalke legend after his stellar performance gave them victory over reigning champions Inter. The fans invited him over after the match for a tutorial on their chant. As the rest of the team took their place on the pitch, Raul joined the fans in a full throated rendition. And it goes like this as per a You Tube commentator:
Kämpfen und siegen
Vorwärts Schalke auf gehts zum Sieg
Olé olé olé olé ,vorwärts Schalke

Fighting and Winning
Come on Schalke win the game
Olé olé olé olé come on Schalke

Well done Schalke. This maybe the year a German team other than Bayern wins the Champions League.

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