Crouch’s own goal sends Man City into the Champions League

szólj hozzá: m city-tottenh 1-0
It’s not been a good end to Peter Crouch’s season. A bone headed send off against Real in the first 15 minutes of their Champions League first leg and now an own goal which sent Man City to their Champions League debut.
As the commentator points out Danny Rose, a familiar name to Arsenal fans was a step slow in getting to James Milner who sent in a stinging cross to which Crouch reflexively stuck out his leg.
Otherwise Spurs were the more enterprising side in an insipid match but their attacking verve came to nought without a finisher. City on the other hand are just dull and tiresome to watch with the exception of David Silva.

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2 comments on “Crouch’s own goal sends Man City into the Champions League
  1. Spurs seems to have played a bit better. It is a pity Crouch scored this stupid own goal to waste Spurs’ efforts and send City to Champions League. Nevertheless, City’s achievements are remarkable this season.

  2. Football, City’s achievements can be viewed as remarkable given the monotony of Mancini’s need for 3 holding midfielders. I’ve not seen a club loaded with such attacking talent play so timidly. Only Carlos Tevez and David Silva break that mould. I think Spurs have a bit of an Arsenal problem – no finisher and shaky at the back.

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