Neil Lennon gets attacked by a Hearts fan

Scotland’s shame. This is a disgusting attack and whatever one may think of Neil Lennon he does not deserve this. For the Celtic manager its been a turbulent season. Letters carrying bullets, a mail bomb, and the fracas with Ally McCoist, the Rangers manager. But this could have been even more dangerous with the fan doing grievous harm if he had been carrying a weapon.

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2 comments on “Neil Lennon gets attacked by a Hearts fan
  1. Im a Rangers fan,i dont agree with what happened last nite,but i do seem to remember Neil Lennon attempting to jump on the guys head is that not assault aswell based on the fact that the guy missed him????Also during this game a Hearts player was sent off for lashing out at Charlie Mulgrew shouldnt he be in the dock aswell if ur gona charge a fan then shouldnt it be the same for a player??I dont mean to sound biased or for what happened but surely Celtic will look at this and realise that Lennon brings Bad News to there club….

  2. Neil: Neil Lennon was reacting to a dangerous provocation. What if the fan had succeeded in harming him? If he leaves Celtic it will be because of danger to his physical well being. Which is a huge shame because he is not bad news for the club- they are actually doing very well under him.

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