The Earth survived today and so will FIFA

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“Sepp, Sepp no reason to go apoplectic … just go apocalyptic”
Today was Judgment Day according to Harold Camping, the evangelist loon who proclaimed this day the Earth would be “raptured” and only the chosen few would survive.
Which means if you’re a Man Utd fan you’re safe. All two hundred million of you.
Camping and Sepp Blatter share the same apocalyptic vision. Blatter two weeks before portrayed June 1st in these very stark terms. That is the day the world decides whether the Swiss dictator continues or secedes his throne to Mohammed Bin Hammam, the usurper. FIFA may cease to exist if he is not elected,
To quote Blatter, ” The issue of whether this world footballing organisation, developed with success over the years, will continue to exist after this date, or whether it will instead be sucked into a black hole.”
Both instances provide examples of how easily fear trumps reason and logic. Blatter moves into megalomania territory putting himself above the organization while Camping purportedly speaks for God. The gated community hook is used by all kinds of charlatans to get people to toe the line, whether it is religion or football. The remarkable thing is for all their certitude, the world is still here as are the “non-believers” and so will FIFA whether Blatter is elected or not.

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