West Ham owners: Part of the club’s implosion

david gold and david sullivan.jpg
Another sign the former porn merchants have lost all confidence in West Ham. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
The Championship is not exactly the place to recoup money. Every indication that there will be a fire sale in the summer because the club can ill afford all those bloated wages. Scott Parker will be a hot commodity and I can think of any number of clubs who would want him including Arsenal. But West Ham’s owners have bigger plans now that they have won their bid for the Olympic Stadium. Football might be relegated not just next season but altogether.
Tom Hicks and George Gillett and Liverpool rank up there when we think of a mismatch between owners and their clubs. But surely the duo of David Gold and David Sullivan now take that title by a mile. From barely avoiding relegation to now inevitable relegation at the cost of one of the most back handed dismissals of a coach in living memory is a further indictment on their poor judgment and constant meddling.

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