Andre Villas-Boas is the stealthy one

André Villas-Boas is the stealthy one.
His snow job on the media took him off the short list of candidates which then concentrated on Guus Hiddink’s reported arrival. Everyone believed Villas-Boas would stay on in Porto for at least another season. There were articles devoted to why he would do so as Boas dampened expectations citing astronomical release amounts.
If this is any indication off his hoodwinking abilities they will be very much appreciated on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Chelsea was negotiating for his release on the sly. Ron Gourlay in a press conference last week said they would announce the new coach soon but did not give any details. It was assumed that the Turkish Football Federation was about to surrender Hiddink after seeing the light and the cash.
Porto’s release clause is worth €15m which Chelsea have agreed to pay and there is a chance that Porto may enrich themselves an additional €30m with Falcao’s transfer to Stamford Bridge. Boas also stands to earn Jose Mourinho like wages with a salary of €5m per year. In addition, Chelsea might also land Hiddink now more likely in the capacity of technical director.
Yet again, Roman Abramovich knows no bounds. Financial fair play rules? Stick a fork in them on the double.

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