Arsenal to get an improved bid of £35m for Fabregas

Former board member Nina Bracewell- Smith says its time to let go of Cesc
The Catalonians come back as anticipated with an improved bid for Cesc Fabregas now seemingly more determined than ever to bring closure to this long ordeal. For their part Arsenal seem to be equal partners in this negotiation process for the first time. The amount may still be a bit short in their estimation but they are working against a deadline here.
There of course appears to be this feeling of holding out for an arbitrary figure and if Barca are unwilling to meet that amount then Sandro Rosell can dive into a dumpster. Arseblog seems to be in that camp but what is missing really from this picture is the human toll on the principal actor. At this stage no money can keep Fabregas chained to Arsenal. He has checked out already. Wenger managed to convince him to stay on last season but you could see he was marking off days with his blood in a prison like situation. There was no joy in his demeanour or comport on and off the pitch. Free, free let him free.
Then there is the business of replenishing this squad with replenishment that is badly needed. Every day spent flaying this saga beyond rigor mortis, is a day spent less on ameliorating those problem areas. Get the best value possible, add on a player loan as sweetener, and proceed to a new era. Start working on those transfers in earnest. This is pragmatic time. Not plug the hole with Squillaci, Silvestre, and Sol at the last minute and hope Drogba does not make mincemeat time.
Even Nina Bracewell -Smith weighed in amidst her opinion this Arsenal board should be sacked as a bunch of tea drinking, pussyfooting, rheumy eyed old ponces who harrumph and polish their monocles endlessly before retiring to bed in their soiled diapers and wet socks.
“It is obvious he wants to go,” she said this week. “You cannot keep a player when his heart is not in it.” Never truer words, m’lady.

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