River Plate relegated after 110 years

The Monumental Stadium becomes a giant mausoleum as River Plate fail to beat Belgrano and are relegated after 110 years. There was a flicker of hope when Mariano Pavone opened the scoring but was quickly snuffed out with Guillermo Farre’s equalizer for the visitors. Pavone later on agonizingly missed a penalty.
Violence broke out a minute before match end as angry fans pelted players with objects. The police had to respond with high pressure water hoses to disperse the fans. River’s players huddled on the pitch most of them distraught and in tears as security formed a protective cordon. Outside it was a war zone as police used batons, water cannons, tear gas, attack dogs, and helicopters to quell rioting fans. But there were many injuries as fans broke shop windows and looted businesses.
Argentina’s most titled club has to spend next season in B Nacional (second division) and will have to compete for the top four spot to be considered for direct promotion or through playoffs. Belgrano returns to the first division after four years.
109 countries turned sovereign since River Plate was established in 1901. William McKinley was assassinated. Theodore Roosevelt became president that year. The Boxer rebellion ends. The first Nobel Prizes are awarded. Gugliemo Marconi receives the first trans Atlantic radio signal. Alzheimers Disease is first described. Ed Sullivan was born. Queen Victoria dies. Ragtime became the rage.

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