Carlos Tevez: The soap opera that continually giveth

Carlos Tevez whose career trajectory off the pitch has been a bewildering zigzag of contract disputes, perceived slights, disillusionment, and familial absences is unsurprisingly in the news again for wanting to leave City.
The striker submitted a transfer request because he wishes to be closer to his daughters and estranged partner, Vanesa who live in Argentina. There is the little matter, however, of his £250,000 per week salary, the highest in the Premiership. The rest of Europe can barely match that amount cited as one of the reasons Inter cooled their pursuit of Tevez.
To get closer to his family, the City striker might have to join the Argentinian first division which will have to meet his £40m valuation and at the same time negotiate his salary down to near bankruptcy levels. This is unimaginable unless a more long term solution is worked out where the buying club becomes beholden for a considerable period of time by sending their prospects to City for free. Tevez’s decision is undoubtedly influenced by the proximity to his family because of this month’s Copa America being held in Argentina.
Tevez might be lured back in a strange twist if he gets disillusioned by his stay in Argentina. He threatened never to play for Sergio Bautista who left him off the squad after a series of miscommunications and only reversed his opinion after a public display of contrition by the Argentine manager. That’s Tevez for you, invaluable on the pitch, a nightmare off it.

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