Chicharito Hernandez might have incapacitating migraine episodes

Chicharito Hernandez not seen in action this week suffered a “mild concussion” according to Sir Alex after a ball hit him on the head following a training session. He is expected to be out for the next two weeks.
This maybe the case but it has been muddied by the revelations of Rafael Ortega, the MD at Hernandez’s former club Chivas de Guadalajara, that the striker has a history of suffering from migraines since his teenage years. This is news to all concerned in Man Utd who ran a bill of clean health when he joined last season.
Migraines sufferers know their condition can be incapacitating. The throbbing headache spreading its tentacles of pain on one side of the head is the popular characterization of a migraine. But even after the acute episode is over it can lead to days of loss of energy, concentration, and in some cases disorientation.
There are a number of triggers including alcohol, exercise, loud noises, and food that can cause migraines. Some of the signs and symptoms include nausea and vomiting, numbness, tingling, or weakness, and problems concentrating, trouble finding words. These also characterize the symptoms of felt after a concussion. The MRI run on Chicharito did not find any abnormality which is usually done to rule out any accompanying neurological overlay.
Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party favourite whose entry into the presidential foray caused her Republican rivals headaches was forced into posting a medical statement by her doctor after damaging allegations that she suffered from migraine episodes that would incapacitate her for days. A sensitive topic given the good health of the president is of paramount importance.
Ortega claims that Hernandez has not suffered one in six years and all the tests run on him came back negative. It’s possible post season fatigue and the increased travel between Mexico and the UK in the last few months for international duty and now in the USA for Utd’s pre-season could have triggered a rare episode.
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