FIFA blocks You Tube handball videos..

The blatant handball by Bruna of Equatorial Guinea against Australia that the referees missed has been blocked from You Tube. FIFA figures that if folks don’t see it, then they won’t know and Blatter will continue to ignore video review technology as the only realistic solution.
A video that slipped through the FIFA dragnet below to give you an idea of how bad it was.

szólj hozzá: Gaál Gyöngyi benézi

2 comments on “FIFA blocks You Tube handball videos..
  1. Where did FIFA find this referee? FIFA is just protecting their own incompetence by blocking this video. Just as appalling as the handball were the blatant and dangerous fouls that went largely ignored or worse, met with an inane smile by this idiotic referee instead of receiving a red card. If FIFA were serious about women’s soccer, rather than blocking it they would publicize the entire match video as a teaching aid on how not to ref a match.

  2. SeeingRed …. love your moniker. The referee is Gyoengyi Gaal from Hungary and she’s been officiating FIFA matches for eight years. She apologized later saying she had missed the handball completely. This is not the first time she failed to see a blatantly obvious foul. In 2005, the entire Montpellier squad walked out of their semi-final match against FFC Frankfurt after an incident when one of their players was struck by the German goalkeeper. She was ejected along with the French player who received her second yellow. Montpellier’s coach thought the red card should have led to a penalty. Chaos and confusion reigned for 15 minutes before the French side were persuaded to return. Gaal is not going to officiate the rest of the group matches and probably won’t do so either in the knockout stage too.

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