Hope Solo and Abby Wambach on Dave Letterman

If you have not fallen already in love with Hope Solo, you will all over again. She has a demure voice for someone in goal, traditionally the most gestural and vocally animated of positions. At 150 lbs she is nicely proportioned too. She becomes personal when asked about her benching in 2007 World Cup – not the best of times for her and gets back at Dave Letterman a little while later.
Dave, no soccer player likes questions about brain damage. Abby Wambach handled that really well with a touch of wit. She comes off as grounded and intelligent.
The last bit was vicariously enjoyable – trying to get a cab in Midtown makes you feel like doing that at times. And Hope “Yes, I have a shot” Solo really belts the ball.
Good on you ladies and to the Nadeshiko as well for one of the most memorable finals. Respect.


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