Juan Mata on the verge of signing for Arsenal

Will we see this man at the Emirates? Lets hope so.
The Daily Mirror is reporting that Juan Mata, the versatile Valencia winger is close to signing a £15m deal that will bring him to Arsenal. The report has been confirmed by Marca which says his father who represents Mata is also evaluating the pros and cons of other offers including one by Tottenham.
Valencia has a buyout clause of 20m euros (£17.75m) for the player which also carries a provision to retain him by increasing his salary by an additional 750,000 euros. But the Che are also cash strapped and are in no position to bear any extra costs.
Keeping my fingers tightly crossed that this is indeed true. As sad as it would be to see Cesc Fabregas leave the thought of getting Mata fills one with the hope of a new winning era at Arsenal.

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