Mohamed Bin Hammam: The fall guy for FIFA’s dirty little secrets

They are as crooked as they come. But while there is little sympathy for Mohammed Bin Hammam for allegedly bribing CFU officials for presidential votes there is no doubt that only he of all those who stand accused is being put on trial. The consequences if found guilty are severe – he stands to be barred for life from FIFA under corruption clauses.
Jack Warner is not a target because he resigned following which FIFA put out a statement “presumption of [his] innocence is maintained”. Say what? In what alternate world can a resignation following a bribe to vote scandal be considered a presumption to innocence. Just the opposite. Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester who have been identified as the CFU officials who handed out packets of $40,000 in cash to members of the Bahamas Football Association do not have to stand trial as their organization falls outside of FIFA jurisdiction.
It looks like a nicely worked out political hit job. Warner resigns, the CFU officials cannot be booked, and Mohammed Bin Hammam is left holding the bloodied knife.
“Does it not surprise anyone that although I have been suspended for the last seven weeks from involvement in all football-related activities for allegedly bribing individuals, none of those who it is claimed received those alleged inducements have faced similar action?”
When all is done we will find out that Sepp Blatter probably ordered the disappearance of hundreds of his opponents a la desaparecidos in his bid to retain power at all costs. For now we will have to satisfy ourselves with title of most hated man. Well, he and Rupert Murdoch.

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