The best striker in the whole wide world is off to Sporting Lisbon

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Nicklas Bendtner’s finest moment in London
That would be Nicklas Bendtner. The legend in his own mind is on the verge of completing a £9m move to Sporting Lisbon.
Bendtner it must be said was not half bad. He was utilized badly by Arsene Wenger shifting him to the flanks where he rarely troubled his opponents because of lack of speed and dubious ball skills. However on the occasions he was employed as a centreforward showed a distinct penchant for a back pass which really is not in the job description.
He could have pulled off an incredible win over Barca on the away leg goal factor in the second leg of the CL knockout stage but muffed an easy chance with his ungainly first touch.

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2 comments on “The best striker in the whole wide world is off to Sporting Lisbon
  1. I think he offered more physically than Chamakh who looked downright feeble in the 2nd half of the season. I’m hoping that “fatigue” wasn’t just an excuse for his poor form and a solution has been found. In any event, I think the deal benefits both parties. Bendtner deserved regular first team action. Along with misuse as you pointed out, he was the victim of untimely injuries and a deep squad.

  2. Spitz, Bendtner definitely is an improvement over Chamakh who after his promising start really faded. Wenger misused Bendtner putting him out on the wings- he’s a classical centerforward. I’ve heard that the Sporting Lisbon deal has fallen through and he might go to Stoke.

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