Women’s World Cup: Crunch time for the Three Lionesses

Rachel Yankey.jpg
Rachel Yankey, Arsenal star takes on Les Bleus in the WWC quarters
In a few minutes, Hope Powell’s squad take on Les Bleus in the quarterfinals. The English are finally gelling after a slow start with Kelly Smith, their top scorer yet to open her account. But their spark has come from other players like Rachel Yankey, Jill Scott, Stephanie Houghton, and Ellen White.
The French are entering the quarterfinals for the first time determined to make this a memorable World Cup. On talent, Les Bleus edge out the English with no player the calibre of Camile Abily and the power of Marie-Laure Delie. This however, is the knockout stage where only goals matter and England’s display against a technically gifted Japan should provide that much needed confidence booster.
The English defensive unit will have to be on guard against the crosses and set pieces into the box to Delie and Laura Georges. The French led their fightback against the Germans through the air with Delie and Georges on target. The Three Lionesses best hopes on attack are through Yankey and Smith with Ellen White proving dangerous with her improvisational ability.

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