Women’s World Cup: France beat England, 4-3 on penalties

Edge of seat stuff. This World Cup has captured the imagination of millions around the world because of the way women have chosen to play the sport.
An outclassed England hung on grimly as France with their superior game threatened to swamp them at every given moment. PK’s finally decided the game. Karen Bardsley was immense but she too was fighting the inevitable, as France the fitter and faster team, finally got their deserved win.
Hope Powell will get called out on the unforgivable sin of keeping Kelly White and Faye Smith on as they played wounded. It hurt just to see these two greats grimace every time they put weight on their foot. Powell should also be held accountable for putting ingenue Claire Rafferty on the spot for the PK shootout.
There is a gulf in the game between both countries wider than the straits of Dover. France have so much depth in midfield. Abily, Bompastor, Necib,Thiney, and Bussaglia were pound for pound on a different level altogether. Bruno Bini looked unperturbed because of his deep bench. Necib the best player on display was pulled because Bini had the luxury of Thomis, Bretigny and Le Sommer in reserve.
Watch out for France because they could go all the way.

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