2011 Super Cup: Real Madrid show their thuggish side

Cesc Fabregas’s night was not done after his critical pass contributed to the winning goal. He was brought down moments later by Marcelo’s vicious scissor tackle for which the Brazilian received a red card sparking a full out conflagration on the sidelines as Fabregas lay writhing on the pitch.
Just when you thought Jose Mourinho could go no lower he walks upto Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova and twists his ear. This will probably be reviewed by the Spanish FA and the Real coach could face a fine and a suspension. Por que, Mourinho??
Real’s brownshirts led by Pepe, Higuain, and Ramos were in full flow as they shoved, pushed, and in Higuain’s case tried to grab Jose Pinto’s throat. Barca were not spotless either as David Villa punched Mesut Oezil in the face which led the German, normally a cool customer to go ballistic.
This is all down to Marcelo who shows poor impulse control in addition to his defensive liabilities. He’s on the team primarily for his undoubted attacking talent but both he and Pepe are a horror show when it comes to tackling.

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