Arsenal: Born under a bad sign and self inflicted wounds

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Emmanuel Frimpong is a unit: Now he needs a bit more control
It’s hard to believe we’re just three matches old and already Arsenal wears the scars of a full season. The weak of heart need not apply because we really do not how this will all end. A spectacular supernova implosion or a gradual decline into a red dwarf?
The summary: Arsenal were further depleted with yet another defender limping off, the second match in a row a player was sent off, three 19 year olds making their debuts, a comedic own goal which was actually offside, and the genie of Titi Camara that had lived in a bottle for 11 years till Aaron Ramsey decided to rub it on his chest. Yes, include Luis Suarez into that mix. Because he made the difference between another goalless draw and the a 2-0 scoreline in favour of Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish might be rubbished for every other transfer but Suarez makes him look like a genius.
I suspect Arsene Wenger loves these spectacles. It’s very Moliere. He sent in Samir Nasri who actually spent time away from Twitter to put in a decent shift. Rumours are that he might not be singing Blue Moon quickly enough for his liking. We shall see.
This new Arsenal will make George Graham perk up with interest. They don’t score goals and they look ugly. I sort of forget the number of forays made in the first half that found no one in the middle. No one. Van Persie had to go off his orbit to find the ball because Ramsey is no Fabregas. And there is no one to give him company up top. Andy Carroll may be a lump of clay but compared to Marouane Chamakh he’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.
Wenger said something about “focusing on the players we have”. I don’t think Arshavin got the memo. He is a shadow of the player who spent his earlier career terrorizing Liverpool. There appears to be no desire to even try and fill the vacuum left by Fabregas. As a reminder: Arshavin is Arsenal’s most expensive signing at £16.5 million. His tongue in cheek comments on his website attract more attention than his exploits on the pitch nowadays.
It’s the defense that’s gathering all the encomiums. Thomas Vermaelen looks like he’s making up for that missed season. Carl Jenkinson playing out of position looked game for the toe to toe. Miguel Ignasi settled after his early jitters. Bakary Sagna was his solid self. Which brings us to Emanuel Frimpong who looks like he could tear a bunny rabbit to bits and send its uncle the bill to clean the mess. The best player in the middle at 19 years but also one who looked most likely to go out of control. Which is what happened and Arsenal’s afternoon quickly turned to loose sewerage.
Everyone is baying for new signings. But Wenger always the contrarian, thinks differently. His history boys will make it one of these days.
Headmaster: There’s a vacancy in history.
Tom Irwin: [Thoughtfully] That’s very true.
Headmaster: In the school.
Tom Irwin: Ah.

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