Galatasaray finally get Eboue

The slim down diet continues as Emmanuel Eboue finally departs for Galatasaray (fee about £3m) after a typical protracted will he won’t he where will he go quality which has come to define an Arsenal transfer.
Next in line, Nicklas Bendtner and Manuel Almunia. And despite Samir Nasri’s syntax challenged Twitter about still being a (sic) Arsenal player after fans slagged him at the Newcastle match, he is widely seen as a player who will ditch his club for a better pay packet.
As for Eboue, I don’t think he departs a happy camper. He would have liked to be at Arsenal but his exhilarating turns of speed which used to energize the game should be looked in the context of his defensive liabilities and momentary lapses of reason. The breaking point was his senseless foul on Dirk Kuyt Lucas Leiva last season which gifted Liverpool an equalizing penalty and set in motion Arsenal’s funk.
He was an uplifting locker room presence with a genuine comic touch. Whether performing eye catching and unconventional warm up routines, or dropping in on a North Korean spy mission, Eboue was a one in a million character. And he always gave a 100%. The above video clip is done with lots of love and gives an endearing insight into Eboue.
It’s been a heartbreaking summer for Arsenal fans. With the departure of Clichy and Fabregas, Eboue represents yet another player to see the last Arsenal success. That was such a period of promise. Seven years is a generation in most football careers and he moves onto Galatasaray where by all accounts he’s already a hit judging by the number of comments on various You Tube clips. Farewell and good luck! You will not be forgotten.

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