The Drogba knockout video

The way Drogba is seen falling in the slow motion replay indicates that he was already uncoscious after the impact.It is fortunate that he did not land awkwardly.He may have broken a bone or worse.He only came to about half an hour or so later.Not a good thing to happen to a player.
So now it may end up that Petr Cech won’t be the only Chelsea player on the field with protective headgear.

One comment on “The Drogba knockout video
  1. my friend had a valid criticism of both Chelsea and Norwich players, they reactions were too cold to such an incident
    we compare it with an incident in saudi league between biggest two rivals (Hilal and Nasr) when the best player in saudi history had a similar incident and lost consciousnesses immediately
    it was at 97 at age of 38
    reaction was so different even from the rival club
    and the medical team that came, was actually the rival team because it was closer to them

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