UK riots put season’s opening fixtures in peril

london riots.jpg
London burns
Football just took a hit with England calling off the Netherlands friendly due to the riots. Carling Cup matches at Charlton, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Bristol City have been postponed too. Now the Premiership opening fixtures in London hang in the balance as an overstretched police force is deployed to combat the viral nature of these riots.
The Everton vs Tottenham fixture in particular has been singled out but there is also Queens Park Rangers hosting Bolton Wanderers and Fulham taking on Aston Villa. Other cities where the riots have spread include Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford and possibly even Manchester.
Now comes breaking news that could spark fresh riots:
The Independent Police Complaints Commission has just announced that there is no evidence that Mark Duggan opened fire at police officers before he was shot dead, according to ballistic test results, reports the Press Association.
Mark Duggan is now officially a martyr. The horrific acts of vandalism and violence which so far made moot the underlying causalities of these riots with this news brings it back front and centre.
Update: Looks like football maybe the farthest thing from the mind with baseball catching on like fire in the UK. Well, there are one or two other things those bats can be used for. None of them good.

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