Arsenal board backs Wenger

Finally, the Arsenal board responds. And in a positive way. This should be a huge shot in the arm for Arsene Wenger. However, there are some words that Ivan Gazidis uses that seem such obvious deflections of the blame game.
” It’s nonsense based on the need to always create a mini-crisis …”
The mini-crisis is not the making of the media, blogs, or the fans. The first goalless start in two consecutive matches since 1943, Liverpool’s first win since 2001 away to Arsenal, the worst shellacking in 115 years, and the League’s most porous back line is not a nightmare invented by some outside agency. Only a fool would say everything is right as rain when we seem to be making the same basic mistakes. And it does put Wenger firmly in the spotlight because his responses seem to lack assurance or a grasp of the game.
It’s not just a matter of a couple of games. Nor should this be about six years without a trophy. This team is playing without any degree of self confidence and unable to last 90 minutes. To question whether players have stopped responding to Wenger is therefore quite appropriate and indeed warranted.
The other part is Gazidis does mention is that keeping up with the likes of City and Chelsea in the amounts spent will prove counter-productive. Very few have asked Arsenal to match those levels of spending. Most fans want the side to open up the checkbook in areas where quality will make the difference. There is not one amongst us who question Arsenal is doing what it needs to do to inject a dose of reality in this sport. But that has little to do with what is happening on the pitch. A side like Arsenal has dwindling margins to play with and it needs to win matches that really should be won.

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