Arsenal chose to cheapen Arteta deal risking midfield exposure

The news that Jack Wilshere could be out for another 8 weeks started the usual he said she said between Fabio Capello and the club. From a fan’s perspective it really makes no difference.
The fact is Wilshere is not coming back till early November at the earliest with the caveat that these predictions are not exact science so his return could be delayed even further. Exhale then a huge sigh of relief at Mikel Arteta’s signing. However, allow yourself the smallest modicum of introspection while high fiving his arrival.
Given that Wilshere’s return was pushed further back, a possibility that required no flight of imagination; contemplate then the board’s haggling over Arteta’s personal terms which almost torpedoed the whole deal. The only reason it got back on track was Arteta’s personal initiative seeking Champions League participation which softened his almost £20,000 per week cut in salary. Let this thought percolate slowly till its a dark viscous sludge of coarse invective. Whether Arteta signed at the 11th hour or the day before is immaterial, the board obviously thought it was worth taking a risk to do what they considered a good bit of business aka cut corners. Leaving the midfield short was not a priority while saving about £1m a year was clearly of concern. Yossi Benayoun till then was considered the big prize move. A 31 year old journeyman midfielder coming off injury was to be our insurance policy.
We pride ourselves as a big club, one of the biggest in the world in fact, but our conduct sometimes are governed by matters so provincial, one wonders whether this is really true. Pointing fingers at Barca for being graceless after getting Fabregas is warranted but we do not cover ourselves with glory when our opening bid for Arteta is £5m. Both approaches show a lack of respect. I suspect “derisory” has not run its course when we come knocking with our cringeworthy bids.

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