So what did John Terry say to Anton Ferdinand?

Here we go again with lip reading. The 2006 Zidane headbutt to Marco Materazzi’s remarks and more recently, the Sergio Busquets incident with Marcelo in last season’s El Clasico which had oral motor pundits giving their versions what was said.
This time it was John Terry, never the modicum of respectability, and marginally deserving of England’s captaincy exchange with Anton Ferdinand during the QPR match landing him in trouble. Terry says he was responding to Ferdinand accusation of using a racial slur by denying using those exact words caught on camera. It’s a fricative that is being investigated by the FA. Ashley Cole walking past obscures Terry’s opening words where he claims he said, ” Oi, Anton, I never said …” However there is no denying he ended by saying, “finish your milk.” Just kidding.

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