Farewell, Dr. Socrates

An example of what Dr. Socrates brought to the game:

More about Socrates here, here, and here. This goal – in Brazil’s bitter loss to Italy in 1982 – is one I’ll never forget. Tele Santana’s Brazil was the best team at the World Cup, and despite losing, they were still world favorites.

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One comment on “Farewell, Dr. Socrates
  1. to Ray Hudson- poetic soccer announcer and to Lionel Messi & Forsa Barcelona! World’s greatest sports team and world’s greatest player:
    “He doesn’t seem bothered
    by the weight of his own shadow”-
    the hypnotic ballerina
    that is Messi!
    “Symphonic football-
    nothing accidental abt it…
    layer upon layer…
    this Barcelona side”!
    Coach Pep Guadeola,
    but especially Messi-
    this little werewolf,
    searching for zombies…
    supra normal, extraterrestrial!
    We’re run out of adjectives-
    and look out for mixed metaphors,
    He of the
    chameleon eyes-
    a short legged bull
    Covered w eyes… or
    eg: Look who’s the rabbit,
    doing the donkey work!?
    The pressure makes diamonds-
    Lionel Messi- doesn’t live in the x’s and 0’s.
    But in the Magnetic Spectrum of Genius!!!

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