Occupy FIFA: It needs to be done

How is it that the global game, the people’s game followed by billions is ruled by a fraction of a fraction of an elite that plays by its own rules? The plutocracy have no need to be beholden. They enjoy no term limits, need no financial disclosures, and bilk billions of tax free dollars without qualm.
Given the context and the phenomenon that is Occupy which has grown far beyond its epicenter and is a now a construct for anything opposed to hegemony and untrammeled power, FIFA’s edifice is as close as it comes to being on top of that list that needs immediate redress. Books and articles by activists such as Andrew Jennings have long highlighted the corruption and the money trail but here in this day and age, we have the momentum of a long simmering sense of outrage that is only now being given expression by the collective.
Occupy FIFA can be reality. Swamp the steps of FIFA in Zurich. Demand Blatter resign. Ask for term limits. Transparent financial records. An open World Cup voting process. New technology that limits errors.
This is our sport not theirs. We pay their salaries. We go to the World Cup, their flagship enterprise. We can and should remind them. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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