Arsenal blogs react to Thierry Henry goal

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He is back. The look in his eyes says it all.
” His reaction is raw, visceral. From sheer delight to chest thumping, from crowd waving to an embrace with Arsene Wenger, it’s a moment that nobody will forget.”
A Cultured Left Foot:
” the years rolled away as Song slid the ball through the line of defenders, the left edge of the penalty melted as Henry’s body shape dictated where the shot was going and inevitably ended. This was Arsenal’s Sex Pistols at Manchester Free Trade Hall moment.”
” The first touch was immaculate, the body shape breathtakingly familiar. The giant clock suspended from the Emirates canopy seemed to stop, dead. Time wound back to 2004 and, briefly, Thierry Henry was invincible again.”
” And he is different. But in that vintage finish and the run at the end, he was there again. Perhaps, in my case as I’ll miss the next two home games, for one night only. But he was undoubtedly there. It was unmistakable.”
Goodplaya was at the Emirates when it happened in front of him. He saw history in the making.

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3 comments on “Arsenal blogs react to Thierry Henry goal
  1. Loved every second… Haven’t had that feeling as an Arsenal fan for a long time but when Henry scored… Speechless.. Even on Facebook the non Arsenal fans were commenting saying the legend returns. The sum up for me was when one of my mates a Leeds fan tweeted “oh well if we were going to lose I’m glad it was to such a superstar”.
    I’m also going to enjoy those fans both Arsenal and non winding their necks back in after saying it was a bad move bringing him back. Arsenal runs in his veins I’ll never forget his reaction, my reaction, everyone’s reaction when Thierry Henry scored on his second debut.
    He left a legend and returns a god.

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