Copa Del Rey: Pepe is a psychopath

I don’t think they come lower than Pepe. Even animals have a sense of fair play. This man if you can call him that should be banned from the sport for life. Leo Messi goes down after colliding with Callejon and while he’s down, Pepe strolls casually over and deliberately plants his studs on Messi’s hand. The usually stoic Argentinian writhes in pain as the referee misses the incident altogether and fishes out a yellow for Callejon. Pepe has the gall to confront the referee and protest the card. This of course, is the latest in a series of psychopathic events.
Wayne Rooney, not the brightest of lights, twittered: “Pepe. What an idiot!”
Even Marca, a reliable mouthpiece for Real, wrote, “Pepe cannot continue staining the shirt.” The publication has asked Florentino Perez to get rid of the defender as he does not measure up to the club’s storied history, his peers, and the sport of football.
Pepe was the most egregious offender this evening but he was not the only Real player who played dirty. Ricardo Carvalho should have been sent off for trying to take out the legs of a full tilt Alexis Sanchez. And Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Lassana Diarra also cut it close. Fabio Coentrao pushed Messi’s head down after they clashed. It was ugly Madrid.

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