FA Cup: Chris Foy gets it all wrong against Kompany

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Vincent Kompany should never have been sent off. It wasn’t a blind lunging two foot tackle which could have harmed Nani. He actually goes low to corral the ball with his right instep and gets it very cleanly. There was little contact.
Chris Foy really made a royal mess. He got sold by Rooney who made the red card gesture. It was actually a fantastic tackle by one of the best centre backs in football. Between Rooney’s fabulous header and Kompany’s sending off, City had to endure the most horrendous two minutes, completely changing the match from a very early stage.

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2 comments on “FA Cup: Chris Foy gets it all wrong against Kompany
  1. If you watch it again, it wasn’t until Rooney had held out his arms in protest that Foy blew the whistle a couple of seconds later. Foy wasn’t even going to call a foul until Rooney told him to do it. You can also see Rooney holding up two fingers, probably telling the ref it was a two-footed tackle and to send him off.
    The FA might as well give Rooney a whistle and a set of cards if he is going to make game-changing decisions like this.

  2. Rooney was correct to point out that the takle was a 2 footed lunge.
    The Rule :serious foul play . Examples include a dangerous slide tackle from behind, or an “over the top tackle” in which a player raises his foot so the cleats could hit a player, or a two footed tackle that takes down the opponent FIFA has broadened this definition by saying that “Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs”.
    having been on the receiving end of a 2 footed lunge which broke my leg in 2 places i have no simpath. There is no grey area where people use excusses such as he got the ball or there was no contact made, its the intent in the players choice when he decided to make the challenge/lunge with 2 feet knowing it is against the rules and that is black and white of it.

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