Fernando Torres linked to PSG?

“I may look like Herbert Lom but I’m not mad – Torres could be at PSG. Why not?”
When you have been offered millions of euros to play in the transfer market what is not there to like in your job? PSG driven by bottomless money (well, until the world turns completely to green sources of energy which won’t happen for the next 25 years) is now the black hole of football’s existence.
Carlo Ancelotti has re-emerged at PSG after being shunted out from Chelsea unceremoniously and is being associated with all the big names in the sport. Carlos Tevez very obviously being wooed by PSG. But according to Ancelotti, they have also been offered Fernando Torres, Edinson Cavani, Fernando Llorente, and Dimitar Berbatov.
The most intriguing is Torres, whose three goals since he joined Chelsea has cost them about £17 million per goal. He has shown some signs of life as the Blues beat Sunderland although his endeavors resulted in Frank Lampard cornering all the glory. He was linked heavily to Ancelotti’s failure to produce any titles in his second Chelsea season. Unfairly, of course. But if you work for Roman Abramovich then these preconceptions of fair play need to be thrown out.
Personally, Torres needs a change of scene to a league that is less physically and mentally demanding to rejuvenate and capture that self confidence. It might not happen this January because with Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou gone, Chelsea is short handed in attack. However, the window for proving he can really step up in their absence is short, with both returning from ACN duty early next month. Roman Abramovich’s vanity project might be gone to the more welcoming climes of the Parc de Princes in the summer. PSG might be the club that can help Chelsea cut their losses substantially.

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