King Kenny defends Luis Suarez

Kenny Dalglish buries his head in the sand defending Luis Suarez and his racist diatribe using a twisted form of cultural equivalence. Through his press conference Dalglish never once said that racism is unacceptable despite the comprehensive report compiled by the FA. That was mildly put, quite shocking. Transcript here >>

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2 comments on “King Kenny defends Luis Suarez
  1. I agree with you completely, what a reprehensible example of a toxic cocktail of, misplaced priorities, denial and a pinch of pusillanimous prigishness priggishness.

  2. Mo, King Kenny could have said he found racism unacceptable. He could have said as manager he would talk to Suarez about his code of conduct. But he didn’t. He lost a golden opportunity. You can defend a player but you can also point out his behaviour was wrong.

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