Luis Suarez says he’s sorry, sort of

suarez evra.jpg
What you lookin’ at, boy?
Liverpool continue to defend Luis Suarez saying he did nothing wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence showing systematic and targeted racial abuse directed at Patrice Evra.
For his part Suarez finally did issue a sort of half hearted apology of sorts not to Evra but in general for having inadvertently caused offense for using the word “negro” which he said he only used once. Its clear Liverpool’s head in the sand stance has emboldened Suarez. Somewhere down the line, the club have conflated “hate the message” with “hate the messenger”.
A club that is indelibly etched into one of football’s most tragic events and through that pain purged the scourge of hooliganism should be in the forefront to kick out racism. Even if it means taking one of their own players to task.

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