Rumours Mourinho will leave are exaggerated

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Real dissension in the ranks?
The Real Madrid fans are in a barracking mood, just like the fans giving stick to Arsene Wenger. The Barca game blew up in their face because Mou decided to stick 11 men behind the ball and with the exception of an 11th minute of enterprise, played like he was afraid to lose which is exactly what happened.
There is a souring of relationship between the fans, the media on one side and the manager. What set off Mou off the deep end is a dust up with Sergio Ramos in a training session, the details with the full exchange was leaked to Marca, who promptly put it out as front cover material. Who ratted out the manager, reputed as the best in the business being one step ahead of the press? Sid Lowe has more on that verbal slugging between Mou and Ramos with a nice cameo from Casillas.
The feeling of being upended has upset Mou so much he could barely savour the victory over Athletic Bilbao, a match that saw Real return to its previous attacking intensity as he stacked his side with Kaka, Oezil, Marcelo, Varane, Arbeloa, and Granero, players who he had left out against Barca.
Rumours are swirling that he is contemplating leaving in June, two years in breach of his contract which would mean paying €20m out of pocket or get the club hiring him to buy out his contract. The other solution would be an amicable parting of ways without enforcing the €20m payback. However the most recent reports suggest after a meeting that Florentino Perez was able to calm him down.

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