Ryan Giggs makes his 900th appearance one to remember

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There are legends and then there is Ryan Giggs who looks good for another 900 appearances for Man Utd. Here is his extra time winner against Norwich City. His midfield counterpart Paul Scholes opened the score as the two evergreens stamped their class over Norwich who are no pushovers demonstrated by Grant Holt’s late strike.
Giggs and Scholes have combined for 1586 appearances for Utd which would mean the duo have run approximately 16,000 kms (a midfielder covers 10-11 km per match on average) which is about the distance from New York to Sydney. This is of course one way of looking at it. The other is to look at how Utd have flourished with them in the squad. One does not have to be a genius to figure Utd improved perceptibly since Scholes’s return from retirement in late January.
The corollary is obvious. What does Sir Alex do when they finally hang up their boots? Tom Cleverly has shown glimpses of his immense potential but one can’t say the same about the on and off Nani and Anderson. However Utd also look to benefit from a decline in that same vital area amongst its rivals like Chelsea and Arsenal which should keep them ticking at the top.

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