Arsenal revert to type as QPR bests them 2-1

szólj hozzá: Q2-1A
Whew! Just when we had run out of bad things to say about Arsenal. Seven successive wins is a lifetime of antibodies against a virus when you are Arsenal. But it had to end. The Arsenal we saw today reminded one of the team that emerged tattered and unhinged in January. For the first 30 minutes with the exception of a RVP free kick it was the mega millions giveaway in midfield as QPR blew past Arsenal at will.
Adel Taraabt scored his first Premiership goal as Vermaelen caught out of position (this is getting rote) flailed at a last minute tackle but the Moroccan was having none of that and coolly slotted the ball past Szcz. Arsenal picked up a bit after that QPR strike and from a nifty one two, RVP bisected the defense as he picked out Walcott who smashed his shot off the upright but fortuitously the rebound came to him and there were no mistakes on that second chance.
The second half was more QPR enterprise and another pretzel shaped effort by Vermaelen which Mackie took advantage of to slip the ball to Samba Diakite who scored his first goal and the winner. Diakite up to now was more decorated with his cards, yellow and otherwise.
A few observations which jarred. Aaron Ramsey started on the left. You don’t have to be a soothsayer to say Ramsey is not a winger. He may even be Gilgamesh but he’s not a winger with his one track speed. Wenger has been guilty of niceties before which serve exactly no purpose. And where is the Ox? Is he going to be kept mothballed? And as much as we hate the idea of Arsenal being a one man strike force it is true and for that reason we need RVP to score. The loss is exactly what the doctor ordered for the tottering Spurs who have Swansea to deal with tomorrow.
Mark Hughes once famously said that Arsenal practiced the dark arts. There was nothing dark or art like in the Gunners today. They were quite forgettable.

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