City exits on away goal rule after win over Sporting, 3-2 (3-3 agg)

szólj hozzá: MCC 3-2 SPO | Highlights HD
The pressure is mounting on Roberto Mancini. Ahoy! Carlos Tevez comes in like a knight in grimy armour to save the Etihad from becoming a Superfund site. He’s very much needed now as City and Utd duke it out for the only meaningful title left, the Premiership.
Sporting went up through Matias Fernandez and then added another through Rip Van Winkle …. sorry, the intriguingly named Ricky Van Wolfswinkel (Steely Dan, Ricky did not lose that number!). City then reeled of three unanswered second half goals in a magnificent comeback.
Sergio Aguero narrowed the gap, Mario Balotelli converted a penalty, and Aguero again scored as City turned it around. But they still needed that elusive tie breaker with the away goal column favouring Sporting. They looked like they had it when Joe Hart was pulled from his goalie position and almost scored from a header in added time which went wide by inches.

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