Eight months later Andre Villa- Boas is gone

“And very obviously, Abramovich has gone insane. … totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct “
The Russian roulette with managers continues at Chelsea. In what universe does a group of aging, non-performing players hold sway over a bright minded, accomplished coach? Roman Abramovich proves yet again, he’s a clown with bags of money with little understanding off football.
Andre Villa -Boas was sacked today. He couldn’t hack it with the Frank Lampard – John Terry – Ashley Cole nexus. The West Brom match was a dead giveaway with the players showing up on the pitch for attendance purposes. They had already decided to show their coach the door. AVB also paid a price in failing to ignite Fernando Torres’s dormant scoring career. Yet another victim of Abramovich’s £50m boondoggle.
Chelsea’s players and their owner have drunk deep from the poisoned chalice. Who knows when this madness will end? Roberto Di Matteo, AVB’s assistant is the interim coach and from all accounts none too popular either. He managed WBA before he was axed and replaced by Roy Hodgson who has taken them to respectability. It’s all a bit ironic really when you consider the loss to Di Matteo’s former club elevated him to the top position.
The buzz is that Rafa Benitez is being primed for the long term to be the sacrificial goat. The real question now is will the interim coach’s job at Chelsea last longer than the real one?

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