Europa Cup: Athletic Bilbao scorch Man Utd, 3-2

szólj hozzá: Man United Athletic 2:3 GOALS
Marcelo “Loco” Bielsa’s team came to Old Trafford and they conquered Utd in their own turf. Wayne Rooney gave the home team the lead against the run of play but Bilbao playing outstanding football was going to have its way.
Fernando Llorente equalized just before the half with the Basques scorching Utd with their free flowing, attacking football, a Bielsa trademark. In the 70th minute Oscar de Marcos put the Basques up by two finishing off a flurry off rapid fire passes around the box which finally found him. Iker Munian got Bilbao’s third sweeping in David De Gea’s spill of a de Marcos shot as a bemused Rafael failed to react. Almost immediately Rooney was able to convert a spot kick after the ball was handled by de Marcos. The scoreline does not reflect the utter domination by the Basques.
By the way, remember a few years ago how the Premiership claimed ascendancy over the rest of the European leagues. A sense of triumphalism accompanying the wave of English clubs sweeping aside continental competition. No longer. Arsenal was dispatched on Tuesday. Chelsea’s hopes hang by a thread in the Champions League. And after today, the two top teams in the Premiership are in grave danger of bowing out of Europe’s second best competition.

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2 comments on “Europa Cup: Athletic Bilbao scorch Man Utd, 3-2
  1. Thanks for the post. Agree with your sentiments. Didn’t see the match since I don’t pay the extra cash for GolTV here in the States. That Rafael brain freeze was horrific. Talk about hairdryer treatment. But despite the domination by the Basques, United would have given up just two goals thanks it seems to De Gea saves. But what does Fergie expect when he starts Giggs and Jones in the midjust as he did against Basel? My pal thinks its Fergie’s way of mailing it in and pointing out his need for some fresh blood in midfield. Or why not Scholes and Carrick in the middle and Ferdinand starting or is it that the league is more important?

  2. Kev, I think it will come down to cash flow for Utd to replenish their midfield which looks a bit dicey right now. They have had to fork out for De Gea, Jones, and Young. Plus, the Glazers spent a big chunk on buying back Utd bonds. They are out of the CL so they can’t expect the TV money. Their pool of ready cash has dwindled very quickly. I think Fergie is pinning his hopes on Tom Cleverly who really is Ryan Scholes in waiting. And Welbeck is a force up front. So there are options within the club.

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