Fabio Coentrao: When smoking is not just smoking

Not cool, Fabio!
Jose Mourinho got all exercised after Fabio Coentrao was seen exiting a restaurant with Cristiano Ronaldo smoking a cigarette. He dropped the Portugese wingback from Real Madrid’s squad who face Villareal today. A funny thing. Players can drink, have a beer or three, get into drunken brawls and hurt someone. That’s actually considered cool. But don’t smoke or don’t get caught smoking. That’s a line you don’t want to cross.

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2 comments on “Fabio Coentrao: When smoking is not just smoking
  1. Ludicrous. Remember seeing a photo of Zidane and a few others from the French squad smoking cigarettes at their hotel during WC 2006. If Zidane can do it…

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