Fabrice Muamba now stable but still critical

It took two hours for the medical staff at the London Chest Hospital to get Fabrice Muamba breathing. He is now listed as stable but in still in critical condition.
Again, to emphasize, the timely intervention of the medics on the pitch gave Muamba a fighting chance. If he pulls through, there are other severe complications that he faces. And yes, if he comes out unscathed, fingers crossed, his footballing career is over. But that is not the priority now.
Meanwhile, the footballing community has been magnificent in its support of Muamba and his family. Such unity is comforting but all too rare. A note to Kevin Davies, Bolton’s captain and one of the toughest tackling midfielders in the sport, sometimes too industrial for one’s liking, but he’s been an absolute rock.
He accompanied Muamba to the hospital and spent Saturday night with his stricken team mate. Davies, Owen Coyle and the Bolton management have also decided to postpone their interrupted FA Cup match against Spurs, as well as tomorrow’s match against West Brom. A decision will be taken later this week to proceed as slated against Blackburn on Saturday.
Here is a bit of introspection on Davies’s part that is food for thought:
“It is the first time in my nearly 19 years in the game that I have seen a stadium unite,” he said. “It was touching but I was laying in bed thinking how sad it was as well. As professionals, we put a lot of hours in. We work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. But it seems that the only way you are going to get a ripple of applause away from your own ground is to get carried off on a stretcher.
“That is a sad state of affairs. Fans are quick to get off their seats if there is a mis-timed tackle. Maybe people have to ask why Fabrice Muamba runs 80 yards to put a last-ditch tackle in. It is not because he has anything against your team. It is because he is working hard for his own. If there is anything positive to come out of this, when you see supporters from all over, it would be nice if the fans could unite.”

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