It all becomes very Messi for Bayer Leverkusen, 7-1

szólj hozzá: FC Barcelona 7-1 Leverkusen
At times one wonders in one of those idle moments what genius looks like. It could happen when walking on the street absent mindedly looking at storefronts and then you round the corner and peek through a window into a bar showing a Barca match on the telly. You see Messi and you have an epiphany or you think an entirely different question.
Can genius ever look mundane? I suppose if you’re Messi, it can.
Well, yesterday Bayer had to dole out bottles of their best selling Aspirin to their players to alleviate the pain of the little maestro’s scorching performance. Aspirin might not have been enough, try morphine. Barca administered a 7-1 lambasting as Messi poured in five superlative goals, a record in a Champions League match.
After the match, Xavi said, ” There is no one else like Messi. He is incomparable. Certainly not Cristiano Ronaldo.”
Encomiums came flying around the world as footballers past and present paused to pay homage to a unrivaled performance.
Rivaldo: ” Another Ballon D’Or has to be ordered specially for Messi.”
Falcao: “Was this a Play Station game or a Champions League match?”
Rooney: “The joke is, Messi is the best ever.”
Maresca: “My imagination cannot believe that there is someone better. Pele, Maradona, Platini? All great. Messi? Monster.”
Robin Dutt, the unfortunate Bayer Leverkusen manager: “There are no words to describe Messi, is in a unique category. Without Messi and Barcelona are the best team in the world, but Messi is virtually in another galaxy. “
Sometimes superlatives are not enough. When you see a performance like this, stop struggling. Give in, enjoy the experience, applaud all mightily even as you the opposition get their behinds handed on a platter. It is all for the best because the pain otherwise might disfigure you for life. Oh, if you’re wondering who scored the other two goals, try Cristian Tello.

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